Tubidy App

Tubidy App: How To Use It

Tubidy AppTubidy app is well known because it helps users to get videos and music from other platforms, such as YouTube and Facebook. You can also convert the format from video to MP3 or other convenient file formats.

Learn the way to use this app if it is your first time. Soon, you will be amazed because getting your favorite music or videos is so easy.

Tubidy App

Get the Tubidy App

Since you want to stream and get music from Tubidy it means that you must have the app first. You can get this app in two methods.

Download the App from Google Play Store

In case you love to use a smartphone to do anything, get this app at Google Play Store. Check the internet connection on your device. It should be active and stable enough before downloading the app.

Now, go to the Google Play Store icon and tap it. Type Tubidy on the search box and let the system work to find it. Click the download button once you get the app.

The process takes a few minutes. It depends on the speed of the internet connection on your device. Check the app on your device. Launch it to get what you want.

Using Tubidy without Downloading the App

You can also use Tubidy without downloading the app. Go to the official website, tubidy.org.za through your browser. In this phase, you will see the front page along with the list of music videos.

Tap one of the videos on the list if you want to. If it is not, use the search box to find the music videos you are intended to watch or download.

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What if you want to find something new to watch or listen to? Don’t worry this app also provides top videos and a top search menu.

These menus will show the list of popular videos most users are searching for. You can click and listen to one of them.

Tubidy App

The Way to Get Music and Music Video

You may want to listen to your favorite music anytime you want offline. One of the simplest ways is by downloading music videos. You can do it using this app. Best of all, this app can help to convert the file format to MP4 or MP3 format.

The first thing to do is launch the app on your device or browser. Then, choose your favorite music. Click one of the music videos on the list. The system will show you the available formats.

This app also gives several qualities of the file you are about to download or convert. For example, the lowest quality in the list is 128 kbps and the highest quality is 320 kbps. You can also choose the mid-quality, such as 192 kbps or 256 kbps.

Check also the file size. Ensure that your device has enough space to store the data. The file size of a music video also varies, such as 8.58 MB, 6.87 MB, 5.15 MB, and 3.43 MB.

The last thing to do is hit the convert button. The converting process is fast when your internet connection is stable.

Now, check the converted file on your device. You can play the music in a new format now.

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The Cost to Use Tubidy

The good news is that you don’t need to spend your money to download or convert music videos on this video converter app. The process is free of charge. Follow the steps above and you will get the music immediately in a compatible format with your device and music player app.

The Safety of Downloading and Converting MP3 and MP4 Music on Tubidy

First-time users who want to download and convert songs from this app are often worried. Is downloading and converting MP3 and MP4 music safe from Tubidy?

Relax! It is a safe app to use. The file is free from malware or viruses. As a result, you can directly enjoy the music on your device anytime and anywhere offline from your device.

The Legality of Downloading and Converting MP3 and MP4 Music on Tubidy

Getting great music via this online music converter platform is not only free but also legal. The most crucial thing you should understand is that you only use downloaded or converted music for personal consumption.

You are not allowed to use the music for commercial purposes or making money from it. Find out the way to use copyrighted music for commercial purposes if you want to do so. At least, the copyright owners should know and permit you to use their music for making money.

Tips to Get the Right Music on Tubidy

There are some tips you can consider to get great music that is compatible with your device and music player app. First, ensure that your internet connection is stable with medium to fast download speed. It is so crucial to completely download the file. At least, the file is successfully downloaded. The download process can fail only because the internet connection is not stable.

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Second, ensure that your device has enough storage. The downloading process also fails if the device can’t hold the file. It will be better to delete some old or unused files before downloading or converting music.

Third, ensure that you have a music player app that is compatible with the format of the downloaded music. Some music player apps may not be compatible with all formats. At least, the app should be compatible with MP3 or MP4 file formats. Fourth, choose the right file format if you want to convert the video before clicking the convert button.

Now, you can get the best music in different formats anytime you want. All you have to do is visit Tubidy and get it. The result is helpful, especially if you can’t listen to your favorite music online.

Open your music player app and play the downloaded or converted music. That’s it! You can still enjoy the music offline on your device. Best of all, it is free! You only have to remember that the music is for personal use.